Class FillerPanelCell

  extended by pagelayout.Cell
      extended by pagelayout.PanelCell
          extended by pagelayout.FillerPanelCell

public class FillerPanelCell
extends PanelCell

This class is used by Gola ( ), a visual layout editor, and is not needed if you want to hand code the layout.

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class pagelayout.Cell
BASELINE, BOTTOM, boundSpring, CENTER, constraint, filledSizeX, filledSizeY, fixMaxSize, FOUND_NOTREPLACED, FOUND_REPLACED, halign, JUSTIFIED, LEFT, links, MAX, NEWROW, NO_ALIGNMENT, NOT_FOUND, RIGHT, SKIP, TOP, valign
Constructor Summary
FillerPanelCell(java.awt.Container c, Cell cell)
Method Summary
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addComponentsToContainer, computeBoundSpring, duplicate, getCell, getChildAt, getComponent, getComponentCell, isComponentCell, numberOfChildren, removeAllComponents, replaceCell, setBounds, setComponentGaps, setContainerGaps, xmlserialize
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addArgs, alignBaseline, alignBaseline, checkArgs, createLayout, dupConstraint, getAlignment, getBaseline, getBoundSpring, getCellByName, getComponentCell, getConstraint, getContainer, getDim, getFilledSizeX, getFilledSizeY, getName, getParent, getRootCell, getSize, invalidate, isCell, isCellOrComponent, isFixedHeight, isFixedSize, isFixedWidth, layout, linkHeight, linkHeight, linkHeight, linkToContainerHeight, linkToContainerWidth, linkWidth, linkWidth, linkWidth, removeComponent, replaceChild, setAlignment, setBounds, setDim, setFixedHeight, setFixedHeight, setFixedHeight, setFixedHeight, setFixedHeight, setFixedSize, setFixedSize, setFixedSize, setFixedWidth, setFixedWidth, setFixedWidth, setFixedWidth, setFixedWidth, setName, setParent, setSize, setVisible
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Constructor Detail


public FillerPanelCell(java.awt.Container c,
                       Cell cell)